Is Someone Else Going to Jail for a Crime You Committed? Call a Lawyer & a Bondsman Today

If you did something and someone else was framed, there are a few things that you want to do. You need to get legal help so you can get protection when you admit that you were the person that committed the crimes, and you want to be prepared to help out no matter what the situation.

Contact Legal Representation

A lawyer is a must. If the accused party is already at the police station, they have likely made a report talking about their innocence and they rightly accused you of the guilt. If this happens, the police may already be issuing a warrant or trying to reach you. Get a lawyer that has experience with the type of crime that you have committed. The lawyer may want you to go in on that day to admit guilt.

Get a Bail Bond Approval

If you want to bail out the person that is sitting in jail in your place or get ready to set your own bond, you need to work with a bail bonds company. Good credit, proof of employment, and a down payment on the amount they are setting should be enough to get you approved. You also want all of the forms filled out and contracts signed in case you go to jail. If the innocent person went to jail and you want to set their bail, arrange that right away too.

Don't Talk About the Case

You don't want to spread information about the case, about going to jail, or about someone else being accused of a crime that you committed. Instead, only inform your immediate family or people that must know what is going on. You also may want to let someone know that would have to come to get you out of jail, if you end up getting arrested when you admit to the crime.

If you know that someone that you are friends with, or someone that you know is going to jail or being accused of a crime that you actually committed, or that you are responsible for, you want to get a lawyer because you don't know what type of charges you are facing. If you don't turn yourself in and try to lie about the situation, the charges that you face may end up being much worse than they would have been if you just admitted to the guilt and crime.