Do You Love To Cook?

Are you known to your family and friends as a person who loves to cook? And, perhaps you are known for creating your own new recipes with fancy ingredients. Maybe you are so good at what you do that you aren't interested in reading further. Or, it might be that you are looking for new ideas to create marvelous meals. If that's the case, from using lemon basil flavored extra virgin olive oil to cooking with jelly, here are some ideas that might help you.

Use Lemon Basil Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Think about the delectable aroma of lemon. Now think of the pungent scent of basil. Aren't both of those wonderful smells? Now, think about what they would be like when they have been combined with the extra virgin olive oil that you probably use in many of your own recipes.

Maybe you've already used the combination of olive oil, lemon, and basil together and you already know it's perfect for cooking different things. However, did you know that you can find lemon basil flavored extra virgin olive oil that is already combined and on the shelf at your own grocery store? 

Think of coating fish or chicken with the flavored oil and then adding only a tiny bit of salt, freshly ground pepper, and then additional lemon pepper. For a different flavor, coat the fish or chicken in parmesan cheese or corn flakes, which will make each piece crunchy. The flavored olive oil will be great with your steak marinade, too. If you're preparing inexpensive steaks, think of marinating them in pineapple juice along with the lemon-basil-olive oil combination. Marinate the steaks for several hours and you'll probably be amazed that the steaks aren't just delicious, they're also tender.

Use Different Types Of Jellies

Cooking with jellies might be a well-kept secret. Perhaps you've used mint-apple jelly as a condiment for lamb. Next time, add an entire jar of the jelly before you bake the lamb. The juices that are left will be perfect for drizzling onto things like green beans or asparagus.

Chicken infused with a moderate amount of jalapeno jelly will give the chicken a bit of a kick. Even people who don't like spicy foods will more than likely love the hint of jalapeño that they taste in every bite. 

Use jellies for simple desserts, too. For example, pineapple sherbet served with a dollop of raspberry jelly on the top of each serving will be both delicious and a pretty presentation.