The Best Packing Materials for Shipping

If you ship a lot of items for your business, you are concerned with many different factors. You might want to be as eco-friendly as possible, but you also want to protect the items you are shipping to ensure that you have happy customers.

Strong packing materials are effective because they allow your products to be shaken, stacked, and still protected during shipment and storage. If you want to make sure that your items are well-protected, you should look into these types of packing materials.

Reusable Shipping Cases

Rather than using cardboard boxes, you can rely on reusable shipping boxes to protect certain types of items. They are more durable and can protect those fragile items you might be shipping to customers. These cases are equipped to handle all types of weather as well, meaning your customer will not receive a soggy cardboard box.

If you have an item that is oddly shaped, reusable cases are great. You can put anything, like a cone or cylinder, inside a reusable case for shipping—and any sharp edges will not poke through your packaging. Learn more by contacting services like Image Case Services.

Bubble Envelopes

Even if you are shipping items in a bigger case, you can't go wrong with padded bubble envelopes. They provide more protection than regular envelopes, and you can insert several envelopes in a larger container if you need to ship many small items to one location, saving you precious shipping funds.

Bubble Wrap or Air Bags

Plastic filler is perfect for wrapping fragile items and even sturdy items that simply might move around a lot during shipping. The best thing about these products is that they don't add weight to your package, which ultimately helps your shipping costs. If you ship glass or porcelain items, air bags are fantastic.


Tissue paper is great if you want to add some filler that reduces space inside the package and is still lightweight enough so that it does not add to your weight. Unlike packing peanuts, tissue paper is much easier to handle for you and the customer. Tissue paper provides an effective solution for padding boxes and providing structure to your boxes and cases.

When you choose effective shipping materials, you can count on saving funds in the long run. Your customers also appreciate the added value of the shipping materials, especially if you ultimately find ways to charge your customers less for shipping as you fine-tune the experience.