A Guitar Repair Shop Can Get Your Old Guitar Back To Making Music

If you find an old guitar tucked away in your attic or find one at a yard sale, you shouldn't judge its value based on its cosmetic appearance. A guitar repair shop can often get a guitar back in good shape, and you may find it enjoyable to play music on an old, restored guitar instead of one that's brand new. An old guitar could need several kinds of repair, but common ones include polishing the body, tuning, and restringing. Here's some information on getting vintage guitar repairs.

Have An Old Guitar Appraised First

Don't attempt DIY cosmetic improvements on an old guitar until it's been appraised to see if it happens to be valuable. An old guitar could be worth more in its original condition even if it has scratches, than it would if you restored the body. A guitar shop can help you decide if it's safe to restore the finish of the guitar, and they can also help you decide if the cost of repairs is worth it when the overall value of the guitar is low.

Get The Body Restored

Fine scratches can often be polished out so the appearance of the guitar is restored. Chips can be filled in, and the binding repaired or replaced so the guitar looks almost as good as new rather than something that was old and abandoned. The temperature and humidity conditions of the storage area play a role in how well a guitar survives neglect. While wood expands and contracts with the weather conditions, lacquer that covers the wood doesn't expand, so it cracks. Cracks in these areas of your guitar may not be possible to remove. However, cracks on the surface wood can usually be repaired by buffing or filling them in.

Have New Strings Put On

It's a pretty sure thing an old guitar will need new strings. Strings can get rusty and break when they're old. A guitar shop will put new strings on the guitar and make repairs to the fretboard if needed. The frets can develop scratches sometimes or come out of level. If they have problems, they should be repaired before new strings are added. Once the strings are on, they are tuned so your guitar is ready to play when you pick it up.

An acoustic guitar can have other problems that need repairs. It's best to have the guitar examined by a professional to determine what repairs are needed and if the guitar can still produce quality sound. If the guitar belonged to a grandparent or someone notable, you may want to invest a lot of money in having it repaired and restored. However, if you just want a guitar you can practice on or let your kids play with, then you may only want minimal repairs that allow the guitar to play music and not worry about the guitar's appearance.