Data Migration Project Staffing: Candidate Qualifications

If your company has been considering a data migration to move your data to a cloud storage platform, you need to be sure that you have a qualified migration team on staff to do the job. However, you may not want to work with an independent company because you lose a lot of control over the job that way. You can hire your own team, but where do you start? Here are some of the things to consider when recruiting for cloud migration.

Prior Migration Experience

The first thing to consider when you evaluate candidates for your cloud migration project is that you need talent that has direct, first-hand experience with this type of work. A server cloud migration is a significant undertaking. Without the expertise and experience of doing migrations like this before, you risk pitfalls and unforeseen issues that could otherwise be avoided. Make sure your candidates have a proven track record of successful migrations.

Planning And Preparation Skills

Candidates that have completed a migration successfully are essential, but so are those who have handled the planning and preparation stages. You need to be sure that your company is adequately prepared and your migration is planned out to prevent data loss, work interruption, and data transfer corruption. 

Dedication To The Job

When you're recruiting talent for a project-based opportunity, you may find that a lot of the candidates are hyper-focused on getting to the end of the project, perhaps for a completion bonus or to move on to the next one.

You want a candidate who, instead of being focused on the end goal, is focused on the entire process and getting the job done no matter what hurdles come your way. A candidate who is willing to adapt and respond to issues, and test the whole system after the migration, is one that will be successful.

Professional Staffing Candidate

If you're in the midst of trying to implement a large-scale data migration, you don't have time to be weeding through assorted resume responses to your online job ads. Instead of having to read through resumes that may, or may not, be relevant, look for talent that has already contracted with an IT staffing firm.

These candidates are vetted, evaluated, and chosen based on their qualifications and your needs. You can focus your time on interviewing candidates that are actually good fits for your job instead of just sorting through every applicant that can submit a resume.

Contact a staffing firm near you, such as Staffing Solutions, LLC, for more help recruiting the talent you need for your data migration.